S.G.CZ, spol. s r.o. is Czech private limited company founded in 1992 and is contracting and engineering company supplying projects of electrical parts of complete plants.

Diagnostic and service

Solární panely

We believe diagnostics is of overall importance for the maintenance of electrical equipment .Modern diagnostic instruments show invisible faults one you cannot find during classic revision of electrical equipment. Costs of analysis are decisively lower than resulting of equipment crashes.


Diagnostic measurement advantages :

  • analysis and operating ability of electrical equipment in service
  • analysing “invisible faults“ = prevention of equipment crash = costs savings
  • preplanning of maintenance, repairs and short stillstands
  • measurement protocols, diagrams, evaluation and recommendation for service and repairs


After service

After-service is provided either in the daily way or on a permanent service contract basis. If the permanent service contract is not made , we provide the service operation on a technically explicit order basis. After the electrical equipment inspection our workers will review the technical state of the equipment and will calculate the costs. The settlement day is specified in the order confirmation and depends on the date of spare-parts delivery. In case of breakdown conditions we are prepared to be on the site within 24 hours after given written notice.



Our service workers are trained and certified by famous producers and they are able to solve the most demanding requirements. We provide the maintenance of the following ABB equipment types :

  • metal-clad air-insulated switchboards SR and ZS1
  • circuit breakers HL, HG, VF, VD, VMV
  • switch – disconnectors OK and NAL
  • vacuum contactors SVW

and the following EATON – HOLEC equipment:

  • vacuum circuit breakers NVL
  • Compact block switchboards XIRIA
  • metal-clad air-insulated switchboards SVS and UNITOLE


Warranty service

Warranty is granted by GDC ( General delivery conditions ) and technical conditions of the equipment. Urgent operations will be provided within 24 hours after given written notice.




Managing Director :
Ing. Vladimír Bursák

Managing Director:
Ing. Vladimír Bursák
Chief Designer:
Ing. Peter Weag
Sales :
Robert Filáček

Where to find us

Kavečianska cesta 14/B
040 01 Košice

+421 55 633 19 50
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Jižní náměstí 5
619 00 Brno

tel.: +420 543 250 722
fax: +420 543 250 769
e-mail: sgroup@sg-brno.cz
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